Consulting Services

We provide a range of consulting services that specialise in Customer Experience and Contact Centre Management. But in case you haven’t realised already, that’s a really broad space!

In fact, we mapped out over 60 different jobs that you will find across organisations that exist within a contact centre or CX environment!

So sometimes just knowing where, and what type of support/consulting services you need can seem a bit overwhelming.

We’ve grouped some of the common consulting services and support areas we provide below, however, we’ll always customise a solution for you to ensure it meets your exact requirements.

Please browse through the services below and when you’re ready, just contact us to discuss how we can help you.

If you’d just like some tips on CX/Contact centre management head over to our CX Central website – it’s packed full of expert articles and free resources for CX professionals.

Our Consulting Services

Customer Journey Mapping

We provide a range of Customer Journey Mapping services to help you understand, identify and improve the customer experience in your business.

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Health Check

Our call centre health check service provides an independent review, key recommendations and roadmap to improve the performance of your contact centre.

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Executive Support

We provide a range of Executive Support services including guidance, expertise and support on CX matters for the busy executive or Board.

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Knowledge Management

We will help you source and implement a Knowledge Management platform for your call centre/customer service to reduce costs and increase the CX.

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Contact Centre Optimisation

We’ll identify ways to improve the efficiency of your contact centre to improve the customer experience and lower costs.

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Technology has never been more critical in providing an efficient and effective customer experience. Get the help you need in designing and optimising the right solution.

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CX Strategy & Transformation

With CX the new battleground to win and retain customers, we’ll help you design and execute a winning strategy.

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Call Centre Outsourcing

We provide specialist call centre outsourcing consulting services helping you on the entire outsourcing journey or just specific components as you need it.

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Help support the growth of your team with access to experienced mentors either in-person or online that can help educate, challenge and inspire.

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We offer a range of training solutions including sales, service, contact centre management, leadership, high-performance teams, journey mapping and more.

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We have extensive experience in writing and facilitating RFIs, RFQs & RFPs for technology, outsourcing and CX services.

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We’ll help you get the recognition you deserve helping you win CX, Customer Service and Call Centre awards from application through to celebration!

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