Contact Centre Consulting Services

We provide a range of contact centre consulting services that help businesses improve their contact centre (call centre) operations.

For those new to call centres, it’s not uncommon to be a little bit overwhelmed with all the various components that are required for a successful call centre operations. This can include things like recruitment, training, processes, technology, leadership, resource planning, report and Key Performance Indicators and more.

And finding the right call centre consultant can also be challenging. The reality is that contact centres are complex businesses with many different areas of specialisation. Typically, contact centre consultants tend to specialise in particular disciplines that often reflect their professional experience and background e.g workforce optimisation, learning and development, leadership, KPIs, automation, technology etc.

This often results in their recommendations and solutions skewed in the direction of what they know best, rather than what is necessarily the best outcome for your business.

But the truth is most contact centre operations that are experiencing challenges aren’t just experiencing a gap in one area. It’s often the result of deficiencies in many areas and like the foundations of a building, if you don’t get them right it doesn’t matter how good your furniture inside is if the walls and roof are about to collapse at any time!

And that’s what makes us different – decades of contact centre management experience.  We’ve managed small and large centres, in-house and outsourcers operations,  worked in all the different areas of the contact centre, and managed the numerous internal and external stakeholders conversations that are often required in being the main centre for customer advocacy whilst always under pressure to do more with less.

So we understand how difficult the challenges are and how all the components of a contact centre need to work together.

In other words, we like to consider ourselves ‘generalists’ that know more than enough about all the different components of successful contact centre operations! Where additional specialist skills are required e.g. a Workforce Planner with 20 years experience we can tap into those experts when and if required.

We’ve grouped some of the common consulting services and support areas we provide below but if you aren’t sure where to start, we’d suggest you look at our Contact Centre Health Check service which many companies find beneficial in gaining a good overview of their contact centre health against all of the various components.

And if you still don’t find exactly what you are looking for, just contact us and we’ll discuss potential solutions with you.

Our Consulting Services

Customer Journey Mapping

We provide a range of Customer Journey Mapping services to help you understand, identify and improve the customer experience in your business.

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Call Centre Health Check

Our call centre health check service provides an independent review, key recommendations and roadmap to improve the performance of your contact centre.

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Executive Support

We provide a range of Executive Support services including guidance, expertise and support on CX matters for the busy executive or Board.

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Knowledge Management

We will help you source and implement a Knowledge Management platform for your call centre/customer service to reduce costs and increase the CX.

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Contact Centre Optimisation

We’ll identify ways to improve the efficiency of your contact centre to improve the customer experience and lower costs.

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Technology has never been more critical in providing an efficient and effective customer experience. Get the help you need in designing and optimising the right solution.

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CX Strategy & Transformation

With CX the new battleground to win and retain customers, we’ll help you design and execute a winning strategy.

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Call Centre Outsourcing

We provide specialist call centre outsourcing consulting services helping businesses implement, optimise or transition call centre outsourcing functions.

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Help support the growth of your team with access to experienced mentors either in-person or online that can help educate, challenge and inspire.

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We offer a range of training solutions including sales, service, contact centre management, leadership, high-performance teams, journey mapping and more.

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We have extensive experience in writing and facilitating RFIs, RFQs & RFPs for technology, outsourcing and CX services.

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We’ll help you get the recognition you deserve helping you win CX, Customer Service and Call Centre awards from application through to celebration!

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Free Resources

As well as providing contact centre consulting services, we also operate Australia’s largest free website for contact centre professionals that is jam-packed full of free articles and resources if you’d like to learn more about the industry as well as best-practice tips, call centre calculators, upcoming conference list and more.

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Not sure where to start?

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