Get your call centre the recognition it deserves!

There are lots of benefits from participating in CX/Customer Service/call centre award programs that can really give your employees, and business a massive boost.

However, the nomination process can be quite tricky to navigate with written applications, online submissions, videos, phone interviews and more to contend with.

And that’s where we come in!

With extensive experience judging local and international awards we can help you with every facet of your award submission process to give you and your team the best opportunity for success.

Our Call Centre Award Services

Our team has experience in judging and winning both domestic and international awards that have recognised individuals, teams, contact centres and businesses for service excellence. Applying our experience, we can help provide you in a range of different ways to provide you with the best chance of success

Award Submission

Award entries can range from simple one-page applications through to complex online submissions.

We’ll help with writing your submission from the initial entry through to online submissions and assessments, reports and whatever else we need to do to make you shine!

Video Production

A key part of many award nominations is including a video!

We’ll plan, shoot and edit your video with the right balance of realism and professionalism to give your team the best chance to shine!

Coaching & Mentoring

Being interviewed by judges as part of the award process can be daunting for even the most experienced veteran!

We’ll provide coaching and mentoring on what to expect to ensure you are ready to take on the toughest of questions!


While we can’t guarantee you’ll win, what we can do is ensure your employees and business are provided with the best opportunity to showcase your talent. But who ultimately wins, of course, will still be up to the judges.

There are multiple award programs available to Australian and New Zealand businesses that are conducted by different associations and businesses.  Generally, stages include:

  • Online submission (length and complexity can be highly varied)
  • Either a phone-based or in-person interview
  • Video submission (again, this can be highly varied in terms of requirements, ranging from a virtual tour, interviews with customers, key staff, senior management etc)

There are multiple call centre awards, customer service and CX awards and we can help you with all of them! Typically they would include:

  • Individual awards (like Customer Service Agent of the Year, Manager of the Year etc)
  • Team awards (best support team, customer service team of year etc)
  • Contact centre awards (the whole centre!)
  • Customer service awards (the whole business!)

Yes! Visit CX Central to see the complete list, along with the winners in recent years so you can check out the competition!