Customer Testimonials

There is no better form of advertising than hearing from some of our current and former customers. However, due to the sensitive nature of the work we sometimes conduct (e.g. not everyone is thrilled to acknowledge they had a poor customer experience) or Government clients (who are unable to publicly comment) we aren't always able to publish all of our testimonials.

So we’re super grateful for the customers below who have been happy to provide a public testimonial.

And whilst we can't publish all of our testimonials, it doesn't mean you can't hear from them! All our previous customers are happy to act as a reference for us.

Heather Crichton testimonial for CX Consult
Heather Crichton ( General Manager Member Success, PEXA )

For PEXA, the experience our members have with the system is paramount so when our user-base increased rapidly, it was critical we had the right processes in place to support the industry through best practice methodologies and systems. We know for many of our members, their concerns are time-sensitive so our first priority was ensuring access to our support centre in the most time-efficient way. 

We engaged CX Consult to conduct a health check on our support operations and provide a holistic view of what we were doing well, and where we could make quick and critical improvements.  We’ve since implemented a number of the recommendations made and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending CX Consult to other firms looking to lead the market in the support they provide.

Katrina Hassett testimonial for CX Consult
Katrina Hassett ( The Gordon )

We engaged with Justin and CX Central to unpack and health check our call centre operations and service team. This enabled us to identify and reinforce areas of strength, supported business cases for improvements and to also make some immediate efficiency changes.

Justin’s knowledge and expertise was exceptional providing many learnings across the Customer Management team in best practice and industry standards. We were able to streamline a complex call centre system enabling staff efficiencies and high level reporting, Justin providing the insight and expertise required offering ongoing support.

In addition to streamlining of business operations, the suite of development and training sessions offered by CX Central complimented the work with the team including customer experience and interaction training. Well received by the team and implemented into day to day practices. The Customer Experience course was enlightening and not only was the learning insightful it was refreshing to spend time with like-minded individuals.

Justin has made a significant impact on the Customer Service operations aligning with strategic priorities, a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend the services available.

Tim Green profile picture
Tim Green ( Manager, Commercial Capability - Philip Morris )

Justin Tippett and the team from CX Consult have been a pivotal part in the transformation of our call centre department which was initially very business-centric focused to now, a high performing call centre team who understands the value of the customer experience.

We were impressed at how Justin took the necessary time to first listen and understand our business needs and our pain points, without making any prior assumptions to how we should improve. Justin’s comprehensive initial ‘health check’ process resulted in establishing real evidence-based call centre solutions that aimed to solve our current problems, yet ensured constant alignment with our overriding business vision and strategies.

Justin has supported our company all the way through our call centre transformation process including frontline and leadership training and he continues to offer ongoing support which is a testament to his professional, client-centred consultation approach.

Ryan O'Callaghan Testimonial for CX Consult
Ryan O’Callagahan ( Chief Operating Officer, Workskil Australia )

Workskil Australia utilised CX Consult to conduct a review of our contact centre function. We found the project to be extremely beneficial to have external visibility over our current processes and approach. 

This ‘healthcheck’ resulted in a clear and concise report which identified the key areas of focus for us to consider making changes, as well as recommended actions prioritised on a needs/risk basis. 

Overall the CX Consult team were easy to deal with and approached the review with a level of delicacy which built trust and rapport with our staff, therefore making them feel comfortable to raise issues without fear of reprisal.

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We've been fortunate enough to work with a diverse range of customers providing a range of different consulting services with some of our customers (both former and current) listed below.

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