Knowledge Management

Transform your business with a Knowledge Management System

A Knowledge Management System (KMS) is arguably one of the most important, and most misunderstood pieces of technology in your contact centre or customer service kit.

With calls becoming increasingly complex coming into your call centre (due to self-service eliminating the easier types of calls) and the repercussions of providing incorrect information becoming increasingly critical, a KMS system is becoming an essential component in any contact centre.

Designed specifically for a customer service environment, a KMS will typically store product, process and policy information in one central repository to enable the organisation to be certain only the most current information is being accessed.

Importantly, as well as being an information repository, a KMS will also provide the information quickly, and in a presentable format to the call centre agent as well as providing guidance on how to manage the call. This may include what questions to ask next, what to do in your systems etc

Benefits of a Knowledge Management System

Getting a Knowledge Management System in your contact centre is very affordable with the leading systems all offering a fully-hosted, scalable solution that is typically less than $50 per agent per month.  Being fully hosted, the set-up is easy with little, or no, IT support required.

Some of the benefits of a KMS include:

1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

A KMS enables call centre agents to find quick, accurate responses to service the customer. This in turns leads to a quicker phone call and more satisfied customers.

2. Cost Savings

There are significant financial benefits in implementing a KMS system with an incredible Return on Investment. Benefits include:

  • Reduced Average Handling Time (typically between 5% and 20%)
  • Reduced induction training length
  • More effective upselling
  • Reduced rework

3. Less Risk & Improved Compliance

As product policy and process information is centrally managed, only the most current and correct information can be accessed. There are also benefits including improved version control, full control over workflows and complete audit trails. With increased scrutiny and regulation applying to customer service work, having a Knowledge Management System can dramatically improve compliance and reduce your corporate risk.

4. Improved Employee Engagement

Centres that run a KMS typically have higher levels of engagement are staff feel more empowered to perform their role with higher confidence levels in the information they are providing and knowing that they have the tools to satisfy customer requirements.

How we can help

We can provide a range of support to get your Knowledge Management System up and running including:

  • Identifying the right KMS solution for your business
  • Support with procurement (RFI/RFP, contract management etc)
  • Implementation (setting up software, business rules, branding, information gathering, process documentation etc)
  • Training of employees (both the facilitators of your KMS program and users)