Call centre outsourcing consulting

Outsourcing your call centre function can be incredibly beneficial and a viable solution for many organisations delivering an extensive range of benefits. That said, making a third party responsible for managing your business’ reputation and sales pipeline, can also be a very scary concept.

By tapping into our team’s call centre outsourcing consulting expertise we will help ensure you avoid the common pitfalls. With decades’ worth of experience in managing call centre outsourced operations from both sides of the fence, we’re well positioned to guide you towards a successful outsourcing partnership.

We’re vendor agnostic so our focus is on making sure you partner with the best outsourcing company that is suited to your business.  And with 100’s to choose from, our expertise will help you find and onboard the right partner to save you time, money and a whole bunch of stress.

Call centre outsourcing consulting

Outsourcing Components

  • Contract
  • KPIs
  • Reviews
  • Training
  • Incentives
  • Reporting

The components that typically form a successful outsourcing partnership.

Benefits of Call Centre Outsourcing

Outsourcing your call centre/customer experience can be incredibly effective as managing contact centres is an outsourcer’s bread and butter. Benefits include:

  • Efficiency – as its their core business, they’ve honed their processes over decades of experience.
  • Staff Management – no need to worry about recruitment, training, sick leave, performance management, incentives and more
  • Technology – there are typically no upfront investment to access the latest technology to improve the CX and reduce your costs.
  • Scalability – they can scale their workforce, desks and technology a lot quicker and easier than you can!
  • Facilities – you don’t have to factor in buildings, access, security, maintenance and what the temperature should be.

Our Call Centre Outsourcing Services

There are many components to a successful outsourcing partnership. Our consulting services can help you with your entire journey or with specific components where you need additional expertise. Common elements include:

  • Procurement – formal processes like Request for Tenders (RFT) or Request for Quote (RFQ) preparation.
  • Shortlisting – helping you narrow the field to suppliers best matched to your business. 
  • Contract– Commercial modelling, KPIs, performance bonuses, exit clauses, milestones, reporting  and more. 
  • Onboarding – key milestones, training, reporting, scripting, induction programs
  • Optimisation – even once you’ve started your outsourcing partnership it’s not a set and forget exercise. We can help review targets, processes and more to ensure you are getting the most out of your partnership. 


Are their minimum volumes you can outsource?

In short, no! Call centre outsourcers can provide bureau style models where only sporadic calls come in through to complete outsourcing of your entire operations.

What’s the usual timeframe to outsource a call centre?

There are many components that influence the time it takes to outsource your call centre. From the technology required, the length (and quality) of your training program, recruitment timelines and more.

Having said that, we’ve known call centres to mobilise in hours to respond to emergency situations so anything is possible! Anywhere from 6-8 weeks is considered standard.

How easy is it to outsourcer my call centre?

Outsourcing can provide lots of benefits as long as it’s managed correctly. To get it right, you need to consider a lot of different elements. We’ve got a free guide on our CX Central website that provides some of the components you need to consider. Click here to visit.

Where can I learn more about call centre outsourcing?

Our CX Central website has a range of free resources including cost guides, different country pros and cons and more on call centre outsourcing.